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Will Eurozone CPI Follow Suit?


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Rises in February: Eurozone’s PPI

Producer costs throughout the Eurozone grew at a quicker pace all through February, supported by means of an upward thrust in expenses for energy and intermediate goods, and increases hopes for development in consumer prices in the near future. Data released by Eurostat reveals that Eurozone’s factory gate prices rose by 1.5% YoY and by 0.5% MoM within the month of February.

Eurozone’s PPI surged in February on the rear of a spike in energy costs, which rose by 2.3% YoY during the month after weakening for the past several months. Meanwhile, prices for intermediate goods increased by 2.4% YoY within the month, above the half of increase seen during the previous month.

PPI may be a key indicator of upcoming trends in CPI as higher factory gate prices are typically passed on to consumers via increased cost for finished goods. As a result, better PPI normally alerts an uptick in client inflation inside the near time period.

Consumer prices across the Eurozone rose by 1.3% during March, coming in closer to the ECB’s 2% target for inflation, but it remains to be seen whether the reading was a short-lived spike or would sustain an extended trend. The ECB has already cautioned of upper inflation within the coming months as economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis gathers pace, on account of pent-up demand among consumers.

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