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Intraday Outlook! EUR/USD March -19-2021


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The EUR/USD pair shut down at 1.1915 subsequent to setting a high of 1.1990 and a low of 1.1906. EUR/USD lost the vast majority of its earlier day gains in the midst of the US dollar's solidarity on Thursday.

Day by day Technical Levels EUR/USD

Rotate point:  

1.1937The EUR/USD money pair's benefit taking has driven sharp selling in the pair as it's presently exchanging around 1.1919 level. The EUR/USD pair is probably going to confront prompt obstruction at 1.1929, or more this, the following opposition stays around the 1.1990 level. Conversely, the help hold around the 1.1892 imprints. A bearish breakout of 1.1892 level can lead the cost towards the 1.1839 region. Somewhere else, the infringement of the 1.1929 obstruction level can broaden further purchasing pattern until 1.1989 level today. 

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