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Bad GDP & CPI in Italy

GDP negative Italy

The Italian economy was the weaknes one among significant economies in the Eurozone as of late and it fell in downturn in Q3-Q4 of 2018. It began to recover in 2019, yet then the coronavirus came and Italy was hit the hardest from the infection and the lock-downs that followed. The GDP took a profound plunge, as the report beneath shows, while YoY CPI expansion stays negative at - 0.5%. 

Italian GDP Report Q2 

Italy Q2 last GDP QoQ - 12.8% versus - 12.4% prelim 

Q2 last GDP YoY - 17.7% versus - 17.3% prelim 

Somewhat negative amendments to introductory gauges however it just reaffirms the most noticeably awful quarterly constriction on record in the Italian economy during Q2, as the nation is among the hardest hit by the pandemic in Europe

Most recent CPI Report Released by Istat – 31 August 2020 

August fundamental CPI YoY - 0.5% versus - 0.5% anticipated 

Earlier CPI YoY - 0.3%; modified to - 0.4% 

CPI MoM +0.3% versus +0.3% anticipated 

Earlier CPI MoM - 0.1%; modified to - 0.2% 

HICP YoY - 0.5% versus - 0.3% anticipated 

Earlier HICP YoY +0.8% 

HICP MoM - 1.3% versus - 1.1% anticipated 

Earlier HICP MoM - 0.6%; modified to - 0.7% 

Italian feature yearly expansion droops to its most vulnerable level since April 2016, as value pressures over the European district stays more stifled in August. This fair reaffirms the story that the ECB will keep the boost tap streaming for an all-inclusive timeframe.

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